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 Rascals               2014

 Fugly                   2014

 Spark                  2014

Music Video

Neeli Neeli Aankhein          2016

Mansha Bahl

Name                         Mansha Bahl

Current City               Mumbai, IN

Height                        167cm

Nationality                 Indian

Language                   English, Hindi

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Mansha Bahl  is an actress in Bollywood Film Industry (Indian Cinema). She started her film career with directors like David DhavanKabir Sadanand  in the movies Rascals opposite Arjun Rampal produced by Sanjay Dutt and Fugly under the banner of Akshay Kumar Productions, and Spark (2014 film). She also appeared in many Hindi and Punjabi music videos.Recently she was seen in a popular Hindi music video by T-Series titled Neeli Neeli Aankhein.



unnamed (19)
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